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Patient Testimonials

I love Dr Patron! I have seen him many times when traveling to Seattle. I have had many issues with my foot, back and hip. Each time he has worked miracles with my many problems. He is a fabulous Chiropractor!!!

K.J. of Alpharetta, GA - 2021

The Rucker Chiropractic Practice has been very rewarding for me every time I have had dealings with the associates there. I was pleased with the results . Dr. Patron is very intuitive and had no problem determining the source of my discomfort or pain. I have had shoulder and foot pain issues that were resolved.Dr. Patron has helped make it possible for me to enjoy my retirement and my golf game.

M.K. of Las Vegas, NV - 2021

Have received regular chiropractic care from this provider & have been treated like family. I have had good results

T.W. of Bothell, WA - 2020

This is one of the friendliest most compassionate chiropractic offices I know of. Dr. Patron and his staff truly care about their patients' welfare and treat them with the utmost respect and empathy. I highly recommend this office.

A.J. of Seattle, WA - 2019

Dr. Patron and his wife Pam are so warm and kind. I have had nothing but lovely interactions with Rucker Chiropractic. They'll make you feel like family and provide excellent care!

J.G. of Seattle, WA - 2019

If you have carpal tunnel pain, stop suffering and go to Rucker Chiropractic - NOW! Dr. Patron will fix you. Before seeing him years ago, I couldn’t type or use mouse with my right hand. I heard about Active Release Technique (ART) and so thankful I found Dr. Patron - he is a miracle worker. Due to a car accident in 1990 and a lifetime of working at a computer, I have had a lot of neck & back pain and I am not a fan of a typical Chiropractor - Dr. Patron is the best I have ever seen. He will carefully evaluate your symptoms, and then will customize your treatment using a variety of techniques.

S.C. of Everett, WA - 2018

Love love love this place. I could rattle on button make it short. This chiropractor is the best thing since slices bread.

SCIFI FAMILY of Mount Vernon, WA - 2017

Dr. Patron helped me when I was overwhelmed with severe neck and shoulder pain, resulting in sharp pains to the back of my skull. He used an amazing variety of techniques that calmed and relieved the source of the problem that was causing the severe pain. Over several visits the pains were gone, and he gave me stretches to do to help as well. Thank you for your help!

T.D. of Snohomish, WA - 2021

Great service and care. Dr. Patron has been going above and beyond in helping me towards recovery.

A.B. of Everett, WA - 2021

I have been seeing Dr. Patron for 5 years now for various services— he is the only person I will see now. One of my favorite things about their service is the obvious high standards they hold themselves to when working with patients. He is really careful when doing adjustments to not do anything that may cause other issues or long term damage, and pays great attention to detail. He also makes an effort to communicate with and understand you while he is adjusting, as well as giving advice on how to help yourself between or after visits. Atmosphere is friendly, comfortable, and professional. I would highly recommend to anybody.

M.R. of Arlington, WA - 2020

Dr. Patron has gone above and beyond every time for my family. His knowledge of his craft is remarkable. I was so impressed with his upfront attitude about evaluating, and if he wasn't the right for treatment his willingness to send me in another professional direction. I have had him for an L and I claim and his office was professional and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of how to get me better while staying on top of required claim information. My son has a very complicated history (previously broken spine) and he is able to help him stay on top of it. We love Leland and Pam and their careful attention to our needs. Can't recommend them enough!

H.H. of Arlington, WA - 2020

Dr. Leland Patron is an excellent and dedicated chiropractor. My experience with him taking care of my chiropractor needs is very positive and satisfying. He is genuinely concern about my problems and make them disappear like magic through his experience, knowledge and modern equipment. In my book, he is highly recommended!

M.S. of Lynnwood, WA - 2020

Dr.Leland Patron at Rucker Chiropractic Performance Rehabilitation was all that i expected. I highly recommend his service to anyone with a chronic rehabilitation concern. His concern for his patients. He listens first and then talks to you about what he feels, and what will help you in your recovery. Thank you Dr. Patron.for helping me with my back issues living a better life with your help.

W.N. of Everett, WA - 2020

Dr. Patron is very good. He listens to me complaining about my aches and pains. He did a great job fixing my painful next, shoulder and back. I feel like a new person when I walk out of his clinic. My pain was relieved. I love Thai massage in Thailand but I can’t find it here in the US. Going to see Dr. Patron is like have an hour long Thai massage. It actually works!!! Relieving my pain and aches much better than massage.

A.B. of Arlington, WA - 2020

I've been coming to Rucker Chiropractic for about a year to help manage and correct a chronic spine issue. Dr. Patron explains everything very well and clearly answers all my questions. Highly recommend!

D.F. of Everett, WA - 2020

Best chiropractor I have been to. Recommended from a friend after I had moved to the area and hadn't had much luck finding a new doctor - I am so happy I gave this a shot.

The office is clean, the staff is super friendly and they are always accommodating for those last minute adjustment needs you just can't help but have!

This the first doctor who really helped me get my cervical curve pain under control! Less is more, I don't have to go into the office several times a week like I have other offices and my adjustments hold.

Thank you Rucker Chiropractic!

N.A. of Snohomish, WA - 2020

If you are looking for a chiropractor who listens- look no further. Dr. Patron takes the time to ensure you are receiving the best care for your concerns. I have been a patient for a year now and will continue to receive my adjustments with Dr. Patron.

T.W. of Marysville, WA - 2020

Dr. Leland Patron takes each one of my spinal discomfort concerns seriously. His compassionate care mixed with his various and varied techniques keeps me returning back for more quality treatment.

Highly recommend to anyone with spinal discomfort.

J.M. of Everett, WA - 2020

Rucker Avenue Chiropractic is a wonderful clinic! Pam and Dr. Patron are both wonderful people and offer great care for their clients. I knew them on a professional level previously ( which their attention to detail and care for their patients was excellent) and decided to visit them when I wanted to seek Chiropractic care. My husband now sees them as well and always raves how much better he feels when he sees Dr. Patron.

I especially appreciate Dr. Patron's attention to detail & care for his patients. He spends at least 30 minutes with each patient and makes sure their needs are met. Highly recommend this practice to anyone who is seeking comprehensive and caring Chiropractic care!

H.W. of Snohomish, WA - 2020

Dr. Patron has been treating me for several years and I have never met a more knowledgeable doctor. His adjustments are solid and last for a good amount of time. He and Pam take great care of me and I'm grateful that I found them when I moved to the area.

J.J. of Mukilteo, WA - 2020

Dr. Patron was awesome.  Listened to me and I felt better within minutes of leaving the office.

J.L. of Monroe, WA - 2020

I am very happy with Dr. Patron and Rucker Chiropractic. I had gone to Penny Carpenter on Rucker Avenue for years, and when she retired I was looking for a new doctor. A friend whose opinion I trust recommended Dr. Patron. Dr. Patron is very professional, explains everything during the treatment, and uses a variety of techniques tailored to the different issues I have had - manually stretching areas, the "thumper", spinal manipulation, massage (ART), ice pack, and biofreeze. I have never had

T.H. of Everett, WA

I've been seeing Dr. Patron as of now, and glad that with so many chiropractors I called, I ended up under his care. I am suffering from vertigo for months, with his help it is subsiding. He is very professional, he explains every procedure, he is not in a hurry to see you , giving lots of time with his patient. I will recommend him to anyone who wants to see a Chiropractor. Try him and you will not regret it. Thank you Dr. Patron..

L.I. of Marysville, WA

The best chiropractor I have had the fortune to find in 20 years of needing help. He has done more for me in 4 months than all the others put together in that 20 years. Dr. Patron is very helpful and informative even down to naming the individual bones, tendons, ligaments, etc. etc., explaining how they work and what he is doing to them. He uses active release technique which is amazing. He is very very qualified and cares about his patients. As far as I am concerned he is the best thing si

E.C. of Everett, WA

I came in with lower back issues. With treatment and some home exercises Dr. Patron gave me to do...I am now pain free! I can walk my dog Mia her 3 miles a day again. I enjoy that he treats all of me, the whole person.

D.S. of Stanwood, WA

Dr. Patron provides gentle manipulation for my back, neck, hips, feet, arms, and jaw - wherever I have pain, stiffness, or discomfort. Professional medical, yet gentle, approach. Always patient and friendly!

E.E. of Everett, WA

Dr. Patron is very professional in his ability to access your back problems and use the techniques that best fit your issues. Dr. Patron is very well educated in his profession and he doesn't waste any time in getting to the root of the problems you have. The results have always been fast.

B.T. of Everett, WA

The warm and friendly family feeling upon entering the office definitely stands out. Great family atmosphere and soon to be a great newly remodeled office inside and out! Dr. Patron helped me understand what he would be working on to help me heal (i.e. procedures, massages, ointments, etc.) after my auto accident. Whenever I have had questions about each treatment, he explains in a kind and patient manner, which is much appreciated.

N.C. of Lake Stevens, WA

They have been very good to me and Dr. Leland has always been professional and has adjusted me at my comfort level. He has been a big reason my headaches have subsided. I drive from Redmond to Everett to see him.

K.R. of Redmond, WA


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